A quality suggesting closeness or warmth.

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80% of couples in therapy report problems with sex and intimacy in their relationship.

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Justine Young

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“The topic of sex goes Cosmopolitan magazine really quickly. The #1 thing I loved most about “Plug Into Passion” is that it was about so much more than just sex. This is not fluffy, shallow click bait, but rather a very unique piece of content. This book is about tearing down walls built of self-doubt and self-hate. It is a call to love oneself first so that we can love our spouse better. It is a case for the importance of intimacy in order to thrive in our marriages. “Plug Into Passion” is an encouraging love letter to every woman, and one that I feel every woman should read.”

Nikki Dockery

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"Plug Into Passion" can help you look at yourself and your marriage differently. Check out what some readers have said.

“Franklin’s take on sex and marriage hits you right in the feels. This is a brilliant take on how to redirect your love life and take back your marriage to how it was pre-kids and pre-chaos.”

“I loved Andi’s eBook, Plug Into Passion. I am not generally someone who reads a lot of self-help books, so I was surprised to find myself nodding my head in agreement as I was reading along. Her style of writing makes it an easy and enjoyable read and I love her actionable dares throughout the book. Andi also does a good job of weaving her personal life throughout the pages of the book without making it all about her. As a very visual person, I also found the layout and bright, colorful pictures a big bonus. I truly believe that if you take her daily challenges to heart it will make a difference in your relationship.”

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