Can I Borrow Your Kite?

Can I Borrow Your Kite?

                   Lives are worth sharing, so let me start:

My name is Andrea but my friends call me Andi, so lets go with that.

  That’s me circa childhood, big ears flaunted and all, along side my little brother Chris.

  I’m 24 going on old lady and my idea of a good time is going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick out bathroom rugs.

Pathetic? Absolutely, but I wouldn’t have me any other way.

  I recently married my best friend which is awesome because since we live in the same house I don’t have to turn to facebook, twitter, or text messages to find a drinking buddy on the weekends (or weekdays, come on now who am I kidding?)

  We have two Siberian huskies who sleep in our bed, dig holes in the backyard, eat IPhones and Xbox controllers, and completely OWN us. They are our children and I am often quoted saying that I “feel as if I birthed them”.

  I started this blog because my mom has Multiple Myeloma (cancer) and I needed an outlet for my thoughts. Sometimes when life throws you curve balls it helps to take those balls and play catch with a friend, so that’s what I plan to do here.

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