A Very Merry Stem Cell Transplant

A Very Merry Stem Cell Transplant

First and foremost, Happy Belated Holidays!

I thought about posting on Christmas day, but I decided to nap instead [lazy]

For anyone following my mom’s health you know that today is her first official day of the stem cell extraction process.

They will be collecting stem cells for 4-5 hours a day for the next two weeks.

Talk about an exhausting process.

Exhausting but well worth it.

Mom had a rough night on Christmas Eve.

She was in so much pain that she couldn’t move.

Thus, Derek and I were helping her and my dad wrap presents early Christmas morning.

This year I told my brothers and dad early on that I would not be getting them standard Christmas presents.

Instead, I bought everyone a t-shirt supporting the research of Multiple Myeloma.

Derek and I showed up in our shirts [both covered with clothing] and I sneakily got my brothers and dad to get theirs on underneath their clothes as well.

We had mom open her present first.

She didn’t even notice that while she was opening her gift the entire family around her was stripping.

Her reaction to the shirt was tears and gratitude.

Her reaction to OUR shirts was much, much more.

I had to actually say, “Mom, look at us. We are all wearing one.” before she even noticed.

I don’t claim to read my mom’s mind, but I saw her take a step back in her mind when she noticed we were all right there with her, supporting her in this time of hardship.

Hope, Faith, Cure.

I made out this Christmas.

I got a sewing machine, new perfume, clothes, a fire pit, and so much more.

But the most precious thing I got this year was a moment.

A moment where my mom felt an overwhelming sense of love and support.

Seeing her face, feeling her emotion, I knew in that very moment that we helped my mom that day… even if it was just for a moment.

Disease is a lonely path.

You are surrounded with doctors, family, and friends but it is lonely.

Nobody knows what you are going through.

I imagine the moments where you KNOW that the people around you get it mean something.

Because Life is Too Short

“To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life.”
—Pablo Neruda

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