On paper, I am an author, a wife, a stay-at-home mom, and a business owner.

In life, I am a storyteller, a truthseeker, a woman who believes deeply in the power of human connection and vulnerability.

I am passionately pursuing life and my mission is to help you do the same.

You deserve to live a life full of passion and joy, and together, we can clear away the noise to help you rediscover what it means to fall in love with your life, your spouse, and yourself.

After the birth of my first son, I was lost in the sort of way that only a huge life shift can do to a person. I began navigating the uncharted waters of my new normal and found that the woman I once was had left this earth for good. It was the age of a new dawn, a new me—and I was determined to make her the best version of myself that I could.

Working on rediscovering myself brought up many suppressed emotions and false truths I had grown up with, and I began weeding through those big things until I found my way out of them. Once I had emerged a brand new me, I found that I could laugh harder, love fuller, and experience joy unlike any I had ever known before.

It has become my passion to help others break free from the chains of their limiting beliefs—to unshackle themselves from the lies they have spent their entire existence telling themselves, and to live the best life possible.

That means we talk about real things here. Sex, intimacy, stress, anxiety, body issues, self-confidence, trials of parenting, trials of adulting, false truths and limiting beliefs that we’ve been taught our entire lives, and so on.

I believe in connections. Deep, meaningful, TRUE connections. No bait click material, no “you NEED me in your life”, no bullshit.

I hope you’ll stick around for some great conversation, and I hope you’ll allow me the privilege of helping you to knock down those walls you’ve built up around yourself.

You CAN live the life you’ve always wanted. And I’m here to help you do it.